About Us

History of the Club

Southwest Scorpions is a Junior wheelchair basketball club founded in 2008. The club is aimed for ages 6 onward with all abilities. Scorpions was founded by Ex-Paralympian and assistant coach of the woman's GB team Jen Browning and her husband Mike .Over the 6 years of Mike and Jen being in charge of the club two of the player started their journey towards being selected to represent their country in the GB Under 25's. Scorpions also entered multiple junior competition's such as Regional Competitions and the Lord Tavernor's National competition. Under their leadership they also helped Scorpions break the world record of the longest wheelchair basketball match of 27 32 minuets which was not beaten until 2016. In 2018 the club was handed over to Simeon Wakely. Simeon started at the club when it first launch back in early 2009 as a junior player. Simeon progressed through the club first for the under 15’s and then for the junior national league to the under 19’s. When Simeon’s time came to decide what he would like to do next due to his age, he decided he would like to be a coach, Simeon helped run to coach at our satellite club and attends every Sunday at scorpions coaching both of our beginners and advanced players. He is also a first aider for the club.


Who can play wheelchair basketball?

Wheelchair basketball can be played by anyone who has the capability to push a basketball wheelchair. The club is open to all players of any age from absolute beginners to athletes that want to compete at a league level.

How much does it cost to play competitive matches?

The cost to play in the national league is determined by the league the team is in and your age. For Junior teams there are no cost involved to play. However, when it comes to divisional level It is currently £30 for an adult to play in the national league. This is charged by BWB. The club also charges an annual subscription of £100 which would cover all the cost of hiring the hall and any the costs that might occur if playing away (Hiring a mini bus).

Do I have to play competitive matches?

There is no obligation to need to play competitively. We currently have three groups that train on a Sunday; Beginners, Under 19's and Div 4. You can find out more about each of the teams Here.

Do I need to have my own basketball wheelchair?

We are able to provide basketball wheelchairs to all members. We have around 15 - 20 RGK Club Sport wheelchairs. We have a strong relationship with RGK and so if you are looking in to getting your own chair we are able to help with funding and starting the conversations with RGK.

How is competition made fair?

Players who are classified as having a disability are given a classification relating to their ability in a basketball wheelchair. These classifications go from 1 to 4.5. Players who do not have a disability are classified as 5 points as their not restricted in movement. In matches, the total points for all 5 players must not exceed a certain amount.

This however, depends on what league your are competing in. For example, if you were to compete in a junior level the total amount would be 16 Points on a court at one time where as if you were to compete at a div 2 level the total amount would be 14.5 Points on a court at one time.

What is the cost to train with South West Scorpions?

Your first training session would be free of charge, If you wish to then attend regularly we would set up a monthly standing order of £12. We would only refund if the coaches were to cancel a session.

Who is on the Committee at South West Scorpions?

You can find out about everyone on the committee here.

Can my friends and family join in?

We encourage friends and family to get into wheelchairs and try the sport.