Junior League

About the Junior League

The Lord's Taverners Junior League is a competitive league ran by British Wheelchair Basketball which runs December to April each year. Teams from across England and the Home Countries compete in the annual league programme. Often a number of clubs within a region may come together to form a Junior League team to compete in the League. The League culminates in the Elite 8 competition (21 April 2018) where the top eight junior teams in the country will compete to for a place in the final. The Junior League final is hosted as part of the BWB prestigious National Championships.

What is the structure of the league?

Teams compete in three rounds, with 3 teams in each pool. The teams will each host a round each where they compete against all other teams in their pool. The top eight teams will then progress to the Elite 8’s where they battle it out in Quarter and Semi Finals for a place in the Final. The final will be hosted at the British Wheelchair Basketball National Championships in May.

"It's changed my life a lot, i have started to go out more and meet new people. I have so many friends here and the training is awesome!"

How to become apart of the Junior team

If you would like to know more about joining the Junior team then you should email the team manager, Mary. You can find her contact details here.